AJDI participation rate reaches 44%

As of May 23, 2012, 258 of Alberta's 585 dairy herds had completed a Johne's disease risk assessment and formulated a risk-reduction management plan. Analysis of manure samples taken from 6 diferent sites in various locations around these farms revealed that 75% had no samples testing positive for MAP (Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis), the pathogen causing Johne's disease. The distribution of these 'environmental' test results is summarized in the table on the right.

Positive Samples % of Farms
0 74.8
1 8.7
2 5.0
3 3.7
4 0.9
5 3.7
6 3.2

Among the management practices identified in participant risk assessments:

Management changes most frequently suggested in participant management plans included: