Farms Achieve Status Level Certification in AJDI Herd Status Program

Cattle from herds with certified low risk for Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP) infection are in increasing demand as producers recognize the production penalty resulting from MAP infection. The intent of the AJDI Herd Status program is to recognize the lower prevalence of MAP infection in participating herds. As a herd progresses from Level 1 to Level 4, the testing requirements become more and more rigorous; this means that a herd in Level 4 has a much lower chance of having MAP infection than a herd in Level 1.

As of April 2014, 27 dairy herds have been certified for achieving specific status levels. The 14 herds listed below have agreed to be identified:

Level 1:


Level 2:

Silver Top Dairy Ltd. Foothills Dairy Ltd.
Doug Elzinga
Roseglen Farming Ltd.
Rueben O. Entz
van der Kooij Dairy Ltd.
Dirk Van Der Kooij
Hooky Holsteins
Dave Salomons
Kamps Dairy Ltd.
Albert Kamps
Royal Hill Farm Ltd.
Richard Veldkamp
K2 Dairy
Ard van der Kooy
Hilltop Dairy Ltd.
Conrad Van Hierden
Hofstra Frams
Tim Hofstra

De Linge Dairy
Joop Garretsen
(403) 223-5008


Level 3:

Aspenridge Farms Ltd.
Steve Ten Hove

Level 4:

van der Sluijs Dairy
Herman van der Sluijs
Enterprises Lavoie (1999) Inc.